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Daily walks are one of the best ways to beat the anxiety your dog feels when you are away.  If you have had complaints about barking, or come home to accidents on the floor or chewed furniture then your dog might be experiencing some separation anxiety.  We know that anxious dogs can make for anxious owners, so we are here to alleviate the stress both of you face from a day apart. 

Boredom can also be a major cause of your dog's unwanted behaviour, which a good walk and some play time can go a long way to fixing.


If your furry friend is a bit more senior in age or is experiencing medical conditions meaning he cannot go for a walk, we would be more than happy to call round for some cuddles and a toilet break. Some human contact can help greatly in relieving boredom and anxiety when you're away. 


We are based in Nottingham and cover all areas within a 20 minute drive and we are insured to transport your dogs to local parks. 

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