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"Dogs have always been my passion! Growing up I loved training and competing in agility with my rescue dog Lucy, which took up most of my spare time! Highlights include competing at Crufts and we won the All Ireland Young Handler of the Year award twice. Since then I have turned my love of dogs into a career and in my spare time enjoy doing courses to learn as much as I can about dogs and also enjoy volunteering with the Dogs Trust. I love my job and look forward to seeing all your gorgeous dogs everyday!"

Jennifer is an IMDT qualified dog trainer (with distinction), has a Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour diploma (with Merit), a

Canine First Aid Certificate and a

police check


"Hi there! My name is Eden and i’ve been working for Doggie Days Out for nearly 7 years now! I absolutely love my job and love all my pups! I finally got a dog of my own this year (see in the picture!) who is a Staffie cross boxer called Jasper. He’s a bit of a handful (as he’s a rescue) but luckily I have learned a lot from so many different breeds of dogs that I managed to get him settled quite quickly. I’m happy to walk all types of dogs but have a soft spot for staffies, Alaskan Malamutes, Boxers, Corgis, Daschunds… the list goes on! My main goal in life is to retire on a  huge farm with all the rescue dogs I can manage!"

Eden has a Canine First Aid Certificate and is police checked. 

Meet Our Team


"My name is Angie and I have had dogs in my life since I was a baby, I currently have a chocolate Labrador called Lily and an Irish wolfhound, Labrador, Collie mix called Sid.  I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and when I retired from many years of teaching, I decided that dog walking and dog sitting would be the perfect job for me.  I love all their different personalities and quirks!  I have a Canine First Aid certificate and lots of experience giving head scratches and tummy rubs!"

Angie has a Canine First Aid Certificate and is police checked. 



"Hi my name is Kate, I have been walking dogs with Doggie Days Out for 5 years now and I absolutely love it. I have a dalmation Oscar, and he is my world. I love all the dogs I walk as if they are my own and that means I take care of your dogs like I want my own to be cared for; with lots of love! The safety of all your dogs in my care is paramount but most of all we have lots of fun!"

Kate has a Canine First Aid Certificate and is police checked. 


Becca and Julie

Becca and Julie are our fab mother-daughter duo!

"Hi, I’m Julie and I joined DDO a year after my daughter, Becca and have been walking for them for two years now. We have both been animal lovers for as long as we can remember. When Becca was 10, we rescued our little dog Pip. She has brought us so much joy and love and we can’t imagine life without her. Becca is now 22 and Pip is nearing the ripe old age of 13. She is slower and sleepier but still has such a zest for life and often joins the pack on our daily walks (although she’s a tad grumpy in her old age)."

Julie and Becca both have a Canine First Aid Certificate and are police checked. 

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