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Alternative Kennels!

Doggie Days Out provides you with an excellent alternative to kennels when you have to leave your much loved dog for trips away, allowing him to stay at home with frequent visits from our experienced and qualified handlers for a walk and some cuddles.

Here at Doggie Days Out, that got us thinking about other 'alternatives' to kennels. Check out some of these inspired kennels we have found online!


This is called the 'Queen Anne' kennel, and was originally designed to be a duck house! For more information see Definitely a little bit grander than your average kennel!


This kennel is called 'The Quiet Kennel', and is designed to cleverly keep out any unwanted noises to keep your pooch calm during for example fireworks and airshows. For more information on this kennel see this link:


This dog kennel was built by this St Bernard's owner as an exact replica of his house! Notice that there is real slate on the roof and inside there are even skirting boards. For the full article see here:


Keeping with the theme of St Bernard's and kennels, this is apparently the only Grade 1 Listed Dog Kennel in the United Kingdom originally made for a St Bernard! Grade 1 Listed status is usually reserved for buildings "of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important". For more information see here:

Of course, many of us situate our dog's kennel inside the house where he can be that little bit closer to us. While you might think that a bed in the kitchen is the best option for an indoor dog, there are even more unusual indoor kennel styles out there, so have a look at some of these and perhaps get inspired to revamp your dogs in house kennel or bed.


Does your dog sleep in the bed with you? Well, this under the bed kennel provides an alternative solution to dog hairs in the bed and ensures your doggie pal is never too far away at night. For more details see here:


In keeping with the theme of having your best friend by your side all night, where better to put the kennel than inside your bed side table! This kennel is also a great space saver. For more information see here:


Finally, if like me you prefer to keep the dog bed/kennel in the kitchen or untility room, then this clever design keeps the dog cosy and the kennel much tidier than in the middle of the floor. Perhaps I would suggest removing the cupboard doors though! For the original image please see here:

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