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Welcome to Doggie Days Out!

Hello and welcome to Doggie Days Out!

We are a newly established, enthusiastic service here to cater for all your dog walking and sitting needs!

We provide an excellent alternative to kennels, right in your own home, where things are a lot more familiar for your dog creating much less stress for you both when you have to be apart.

We also have a wide range of walks to suit all breeds and budgets. Walking is essential for all aspects of canine health; it keeps your pooch fit, burns off calories and also keeps his mind active and therefore helps to alleviate stress, bordem and anxitey. At Doggie Days Out we understand that not everyone can provide their dog with his daily walks, so we are here to help!

Meet Lucy, my fourteen year old rescue dog enoying some play time and a walk in the park. Yes, fourteen! She still loves a game of fetch as much as the next puppy and is a perfect example of how frequent exercise can keep dogs in shape well into their more senior years.

Please have a look around the rest of our site and get in touch with any questions.

Keep an eye out for future blog updates, including all sorts of doggie related tips and tricks, photos and videos!

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